Free Europay, MasterCard, and Visa Credit Card Terminals with Account Setups (Must Qualify)

Before You Buy

POS System

Do Research Before Buying a Retail POS System

Why is it that after you buy your restaurant or retail POS system from the other companies that they charge an outlandish amount of fees? You often get hit with service contracts and fees that cost more than you paid when you purchased the point-of-sale machine. Watch out for costly service contracts with help from CoCard POS in Inglewood, California.

How We Save You Money

Beware the free retail POS system and always ask questions when buying. Many dealers work with credit card processors on the back end to lock in profits. Not much is free in today's world. When we were preparing these helpful questions for our merchants, we asked our entire team about what is given away for free in sales. We only came up with one free thing—your salvation from exorbitant rates. Make them be honest with you. Try to get these questions in before you sign with the any POS dealers because that bill will come every month no matter what you may miss or forget to cover. Always ask dealers:

• How They Handle Your POS If It Breaks Down Within Your First Four Years Of Ownership
• How the System Is Really Free
• What Contract Terms and Conditions Apply
• What the Credit Card Processing Rates Are for Ownership

CoCard Vs Square

First Data FD™ 130 Terminal

Stay Above It All

Dealers may not like your questions because many of them are banking on making most of their money on servicing the POS system. Our goal is to help merchants, and that's it. Ask us about buying your next POS system without any problems.