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CoCard POS is an industry leading provider of retail and restaurant POS systems in Inglewood, California. Our company also provides POS consulting services, merchant services, and working capital to customers throughout The United States. We're dedicated to serving your needs each day. Transparency and trustworthiness help us build credibility one merchant at a time. We're proud to find the best system for your business.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to consult with each of our merchants and help every restaurant and retail outlet to get the most professional POS system needed to manage your business just like the big guys, "without any startup cost". We also consult with each merchant simply by looking for "unnecessary charges" on the merchant's credit card processing statements, and we often find enough money within the merchant statement to add one, two, or more new POS systems without costing the business owner any additional money. Our consultants at CoCard POS and its partners will work hard to seek out an opportunity for every restaurant and retail business to own a professional POS system that is right for our customers. Merchants won't have to come up with any money down or any cost to your business upfront. In other words, you can get a POS with no money down!

Why Choose Us

We believe in educating merchants about monthly charges, rates and fees on statements, it's a good idea to go over your credit card processing statements and find out where the charges are coming from, determine if they are fluctuating and decide how you might be able to save money on your credit card processing rates, charges and fees.

At first glance, a credit card processing statement from banks and merchant services can be confusing. But you need to look closely to determine what your base cost is and how much more you pay in markups. If you don't know what you are being charged, you don't know if you are getting competitive rates or being charged too much. By knowing what to look for on your statements, you can avoid being overcharged and know your costs being charged by banks and other merchant services companies.

Watch out for any changes that you notice on your statements and always read the statement message carefully. Statement messages are used by processors and merchant service providers to inform merchants of upcoming price changes, regulatory requirements like PCI, or IRS tax reporting or could offer insight on how to better protect you the customers. Check for new reporting methods and changing rates. Another thing to look for on your statement is daily and monthly discount rates. Discounts are charged based off of daily transaction totals or at the end of the month in one lump sum, depending on how merchant company’s set up your merchant account.

There are basically two types of statements. The first kind is a tiered or bundled pricing package. This is the most common type of statement from processing companies. It uses the terms “qualified”, “mid-qualified” and “non-qualified” or an abbreviation of these terms. Each of the accounts is set at a different rate.

The other type of statement is referred to as interchange plus and is more difficult for some merchants to understand than the tiered plans because it shows each interchange rate for the different credit card companies. Interchange plus may be a better plan for most merchants, however, because the pricing is better. The discount billed to the merchant is a set percentage and banks and merchant service company doesn't profit from the downgrades.

POS Peoples Merchant Services LLC, offers the interchange plus style statements because they are able to present complex information in an easy to read format. This structure is usually offered to larger merchants, but POS Peoples Merchant Services LLC dba CoCard Los Angeles makes it available for small businesses as well. We Offer Free Statement Analysis:  fax a recent statement to: 1 (866) 467-3209

We here at POS Peoples Merchant Services LLC believe in being transparent and fair with merchants. Our pricing structure not only makes it easier for you to follow, but it also builds trust. Statements tell you exactly how transactions are qualified and take the guesswork out of reading your monthly statement.

Consulting and Loan Services

As professional POS consultants, we know and understand that there may be times when finding the money to buy a professional restaurant POS system can be a challenge. That is when we can help you. We also have business cash advances and loans available. Our consultants will go over your business needs and learn how you operate your business. We will explain exactly how we help you save money on your next retail or restaurant POS system purchase. Our consultants stand by you and your business throughout the entire purchasing process.

Free Statement Analysis

We, along with our affiliate partner,, provide a free statement analysis of your current processing statement. After a review of your current bills, we'll offer our lowest rates to you. Ours are the lowest fees nationwide and in the Canadian credit card processing industry. This discount credit card processing rate is available to every business that shows their current processing statements.

Our merchants trust us with their business, now you can too. National Sales 1 (888) 576-0665